Welcome to GNB Energy

GNB Energy Pty Ltd is a privately owned electrical contracting business based in South East Queensland with expertise in multiple aspects of the electrical industry. GNB Energy’s success is attributed to the quality of work produced, performance-driven culture and genuine relationships formed with Clients and Contractors. We offer flexible solutions for all types of works so as to ensure they are completed as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Operating daily in high risk environments, it is essential that GNB Energy maintains a comprehensive WHSE system to ensure that all employees and subcontractors are kept safe at work. We ensure that all persons working with, and alongside, GNB Energy are aware of the company’s expectations, have the right experience, knowledge, tools and supervision to allow for the works to be undertaken in the safest possible manner. All staff, employees and subcontractors are encouraged to engage in positive discussions relating to WHSE so as GNB Energy can constantly assess and revise the company’s safety systems.