Private Property Power Poles and Services

GNB Energy specializes in the installation, inspection, maintenance and replacing of property power poles and cables on your property.

Private Property Power Poles

A property power pole is a pole within your property’s boundary that supports the overhead powerlines to your home or other buildings on the property. Property power poles and the cables they support, belong to the property owner and therefore, the maintenance of these is the responsibility of the property owner.

Property Power Pole Maintenance

It is important to regularly check and maintain property power poles for safety and reliability of the electricity supply to the property. The base of the pole will over time be weaken via decay, termite damage or rust depending on the type of power pole.

When this happens, storms, high winds or collision can cause the power pole to lean or fall over which can potentially cause injury to people or damage to surrounding property. Additionally, this is not only dangerous, but will also interrupt the electricity supply to your property until the pole can be replaced.

Check your Property Power Poles:

A serious defect could cause a fire, electric shock, or other personal injury. A safety inspection is recommended every five years by a qualified electrical contractor, who can advise if repairs or replacement are required.

If you see any of these signs you should contact us immediately:

  • Poles leaning excessively
  • Evidence of rotting or corrosion at ground level or just below
  • Electrical fittings or wires, broken or pulling away from the pole
  • Cross arms that are splitting, loose or sagging
  • Evidence of white ants on pole

Please contact us to us about your requirements. We have years of experience and will give you advice on the most cost effective and efficient ways to keep you property power poles and cables working safely and compliant to the required standards.

For more information on property poles check out Energex Property Pole Info.

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