Underground Power and Lighting Works

Underground Power: Domestic / Commercial / Industrial Civil Construction GNB Energy has the expertise, personnel, plant and equipment to manage and install electrical and communications infrastructure on large scale civil projects & developments across SE Queensland. Our experience and capabilities include: Domestic and Commercial Installations Installing underground power in place of overhead wires not only enhances the look of your property, it also eliminates the need for overhead lines. Underground power is safer in that it eliminates the risk of falling tree branches damaging power lines. According to Energex, up to 80% of damage to power lines can be attributed to falling trees. For these reasons underground power can add value to your property. The experienced and qualified electricians at GNB Energy can assist you with the design and installation of Underground Power cables on your property, be it domestic underground power, commercial underground power or industrial underground power. For more information contact:
Overhead Line Construction and Maintenance GNB Energy has competent, experienced and ticketed personnel and the resources to undertake overhead power line construction, terminations, LVSO and HV switching recipient works in SE Queensland. Our team ensures that the works are completed to a high standard in accordance with all laws, regulations and local authority requirements. Domestic Overhead Wiring The majority of the electricity distribution network in Queensland is overhead wiring as it is in most cases the most efficient way to transmit electricity – particularly over rugged or rocky terrain. Overhead Wiring On Private Property In Queensland, overhead power lines and supporting poles within private property boundaries are the responsibility of the owner of the property. Our experienced, qualified electricians and linesmen will listen to your requirements and offer expert advice on the most effective and efficient ways to keep you overhead power cables working safely and compliant to required standards. Trees Around Property Power Lines One of the biggest hazards around overhead power lines is vegetation. Tree branches falling on power lines frequently cause power losses to properties, homes, outbuilding and stand alone electrical motors like pumps. We see this a lot in Queensland’s summer storm season. Our experienced team can clear all overhead power line routes of tree branches and other vegetation on your property. GNB Energy can assist you with the design, installation and maintenance of Overhead Power Lines on your property. Fallen Power Lines – What to do In the event of power lines or power poles falling, safety is paramount. Your priority is the safety of your family and your property. Make sure everyone stays well clear of the fallen line – the safest place is in inside your home. Assume any fallen power lines are still ‘live’ – that is they are still carrying electricity! ENERGEX has a priority emergency phone number for reporting fallen powerlines or similar – 13 19 62
GNB Energy specializes in the installation, inspection, maintenance and replacing of property power poles and cables on your property. Private Property Power Poles A property power pole is a pole within your property’s boundary that supports the overhead powerlines to your home or other buildings on the property. Property power poles and the cables they support, belong to the property owner and therefore, the maintenance of these is the responsibility of the property owner. Property Power Pole Maintenance It is important to regularly check and maintain property power poles for safety and reliability of the electricity supply to the property. The base of the pole will over time be weaken via decay, termite damage or rust depending on the type of power pole. When this happens, storms, high winds or collision can cause the power pole to lean or fall over which can potentially cause injury to people or damage to surrounding property. Additionally, this is not only dangerous, but will also interrupt the electricity supply to your property until the pole can be replaced. Check your Property Power Poles: A serious defect could cause a fire, electric shock, or other personal injury. A safety inspection is recommended every five years by a qualified electrical contractor, who can advise if repairs or replacement are required. If you see any of these signs you should contact us immediately: Please contact us to us about your requirements. We have years of experience and will give you advice on the most cost effective and efficient ways to keep you property power poles and cables working safely and compliant to the required standards. For more information on property poles check out Energex Property Pole Info.
We have competent and experienced electricians who can perform a large variety of electrical installations, repairs and maintenance for domestic and commercial properties. Our domestic and commercial services include: GNB Energy has licensed and experienced electricians who are guaranteed to produce a quality result for your home or business and a competitive price.
In the event of storm damage to your home or power supply, it is imperative that the safety of your family, residents or neighbours is attended to first. Fallen powerlines, power outages etc can be reported or checked with Energex on their website at all times, though do not use your mobile if you are in the middle of an electrical storm – wait until it is finished. GNB Energy provides on 24/7 storm response to assist in ensuring your home or business has the power restored safely. Additionally, we have experience in undertaking electrical insurance work and would be more than willing to provide advice and assistance where possible.